What is BASIS?
BASIS is a new building material that was developed and patented in Russia in 2014. BASIS composite mesh is designed to reinforce concrete structures and substitute standard metallic reinforcement. It has a number of significant advantages over reinforcement metal: as it is cheaper, more durable and has lower weight.
Are there any analogues of BASIS composite mesh?
There is a large number of different composite meshes in the global market, however they are all designed for reinforcement of brickworks or bonded screed. BASIS composite mesh is made of rods with thickness up to 12 mm, and is designed to reinforce heavy concrete structures - roads, bridges, parking lots, etc. In this market, BASIS mesh has no analogues.
What is the need for BASIS composite mesh?
BASIS mesh has a certain field of application: the greatest amount is used for roads, parking lots, shopping centers. In Russia it is about 10 000 000 square meters per year, in the global market it is approximately 1000 times larger.
How much money should be raised to expand the plant's capacity?
To start one production line and promote the product, we need $ 500,000. If we collect $ 1,000,000, two production lines will be installed.
Why not a bank credit?
The bank is not interested in supporting new promising products. Banks want to get interest money and a security deposit that is twice the cost of the loan. We are interested in gaining the first experience in attracting investments via tokens issues. If ICO is successful, we are going to create a network of similar productions around the world, this seems impossible with banks.
Who can be an investor?
Any interested person can become an investor. Our task is to provide convenience and transparency.
What legal guarantees can an investor receive?
Legal aspects of the project are in details stipulated in WhitePaper, Section 4. A public offer contract will be concluded between the “BASIS Technology Investment Fund” and the investor who wished to remain anonymous. This contract could be downloaded from the official website of the project in the personal cabinet after registration. In the same way an investor can conclude a separate agreement, in which all rights and obligations of the parties will be stipulated.
How long will it take to get a return on investment and what is the return procedure?
The payback period according to the business plan, which can be downloaded from the project website, is about one and a half years since equipment commissioning. The equipment will be launched in 5-6 months upon ICO completion. After starting the equipment, we will accrue dividends to the holders of the token BSS in the amount of 50% of the profit each quarter in the currency Etereum.
If you cannot collect the necessary amount via ICO, what will happen to the investors' money?
BASIS composites have proven themselves in the markets of Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Poland and Latvia. There are agreements on supply of products to Western Europe and Southeast Asia. BASIS technology makes construction much faster and cheaper. We forecast that over the next 3-5 years production will grow dozens of times.
The global market of composite materials is one of the most dynamically developing markets. Currently, it is characterized by the following trends:
  • rapid growth in composites consumption for construction in developing countries: in 2012-2016 the growth in Chinese market amounted to 9.5%, in India - 15%, in Russia - about 14%, the market growth in developed countries of Europe and North America did not exceed 5%.
  • increased share of Asian countries in the global market regional structure.
Why can’t you attract finances of a specialized investor?
When you turn to a specialized investor, you come and say that you’ve got project, technology, expert opinions and a working product, and now you want to expand, but there is no money. The investor says: "yes it's a good project, I'm ready to invest." But there is one essential condition, an investor wants a stake in the company amounting to 80%, and in this case only 20% is left to developers. It turns out that we just give our perspective innovative technology to the investor.
What is the territory coverage at the moment and what are the prospects for the future?
"Combine of Composite Materials" LLC has been supplying its products outside Russia for more than 5 years. The greatest amount of products has been delivered to Kazakhstan. We also delivered our products to Cambodia, Ukraine, Poland, and Latvia. According to our estimations, BASIS composite mesh has a very high possibility of entering into foreign markets. At the same time, we count on both regular customers and the newly acquired ones. Among the most promising importing countries of our products, we see the CIS countries and countries of Eastern Europe. Middle East and South-East Asia can pose some interest as well.
Do you have a plan for company development with the help of received investments?
The implementation plan for this investment project is in details described in WhitePaper, Section 4.
Who are the main employees of your company?
10 people working on a permanent basis. They have a high qualification in the sphere of production, quality control and promotion of new products in the market of modern building materials. Almost all of the acting employees have worked at ground zero of our company; each of them excellently knows the production process and is devoted to this business. You can find some of them on our website in the Staff section.
If I do not agree with your investment rules or any changes, what can I do?
If you do not agree with our rules or changes, you can always discuss this issue or conclude an agreement that suits you. We are always ready for dialogue and trying to work in the public interest, because the success of our project depends on you.
How can you confirm that your product has declared characteristics?
All characteristics have been examined and documented in protocols and expert opinions. This information is available on our official website and will be additionally posted on the website of our ICO.
Token Sale Terms

Before you invest, please read the terms. Investment terms and procedure are described in WhitePaper.

By purchasing the Basis tokens, you agree that you invest to a private company located in Russia, in the city of Saransk. The company is established in accordance with the Russian laws.

Do not send from exchange wallets (for example, Coinbase, Kraken, Poloniex, Jaxx, etc.), because in this case you will not get your tokens. Only ETH from a wallet with a private key is acceptable. Set the gas limit to 300,000. Your tokens will be immediately transferred to your wallet. The minimum investment amount is 0.0033 ETH.

You can get the basis tokens by transferring your ethereum to:


The reference price of 1 bss token is 0.0033 ETH

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